NYQueer Elementary School Series: Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 5:30pm - 7:30pm
CUNY Grad Center, 365 5th Ave. (between 34th & 35th St.), Room 5409

(Bring photo ID)

Come join us for the second of three NYQueer events focused on queer issues in elementary schools.

There is an important distinction to be made between addressing gender and addressing sexual identity in the classroom. In this session we will consider how breaking gender stereotypes can help create a more inclusive environment and promote the acceptance of LGBTQ identified people.


Also mark your calendar for:

5:30-7:30 April 11th, Location TBD

Hard Conversations: Should we really be bringing sexuality into the elementary school classroom?

Words like GAY, LESBIAN and BISEXUAL have a tendency to raise a certain amount of discomfort when they emerge in elementary schools. There is a fear that discussing sexual identity will amount to discussing sex. Yet we believe it is just as important to explicitly discuss these identities as it is to break down gender stereotypes. But when and how should sexual identity be included in classroom conversations or curriculum?