Tell the DRBC - No Fracked Gas Pipelines in Delaware River Basin!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm
DRBC Offices, 25 State Police Drive, West Trenton, New Jersey

Note: Some of the drinking water for NYC comes from the Delaware River Basin Watershed. It is urgent that as many people as possible show up for this meeting. Another way to help, hopefully in addition to attending the meeting, is with calls and letters. More info here -

(And also please see the ongoing calendar entry "Support Gifford Pinchot Resistance to Pipeline in PA")

March 6 Join us to Tell the DRBC — Fracked Gas Pipelines, Compressors,
Water Withdrawals and Waste Mandate Their Attention, Not Their

One high level official referred to citizen letters that have been
flooding in for one pipeline as "spam" -- join us to make sure they
understand that citizen voices and input is not "spam", it should be
the fundamental basis of concern for every decision they make.

And Join us to Make Sure That This Time Around Our Community Is Heard,
Through Testimony, BEFORE the DRBC votes.

December 5th, 2012, the Delaware River Basin Commission Commissioners,
without any opportunity for advance written comment, without any
public hearing, and without even giving any notice that it was on
their meeting agenda, voted to deny all requests to consider their
jurisdiction over pipelines, except to revisit consideration of two —
the TGP 300 Line and the 1278 Columbia line which had already been
completed. What did they find when they did that review? On January
30, 2013 they sent the Delaware Riverkeeper Network a letter and memo
and said they had been wrong in denying all previous requests to look
at these two projects and promised to look at them now, after-the-fact
when the only options are to attempt to undo the harm done rather than
avoid it altogether.

By the time we come to March 6 the DRBC will have before it nearly
1,000 requests from a rising tide of citizens and organizations to
once again consider the pipeline issue — this time it will be a
request to revisit their decisions on the TGP NEUP pipeline, a part of
the 300 line, as well as the Commonwealth Pipeline and over a dozen
other pipelines known and unknown that will be slicing through our
communities and watershed. This time they cannot be allowed to vote
without hearing from the people.

Please join us March 6 and plan to speak out, and stand in solidarity
with others, to urge the DRBC Commissioners to this time get it right
before the damage is done when it comes to pipelines.

(Note, the DRBC will be having a hearing on March 5th for the projects
and items listed on their formal docket agenda which can be found at , but that
day will not address the drilling/fracking infrastructure that is
cutting down upon us now and in the months to come. So we need you
March 6.)

The truth is that the chainsaws have already begin on the TGP NEUP,
cutting down mature forest that cannot be replaced. But there is
still much to be said, reviewed and accomplished on that project as
well as all others soon to follow. And there are many efforts still
underway to urge DRBC to act now before all the forest is cut down for
a pipeline that still does not have a wetlands permit: vigils,
watch-dogging, calls/emails to DRBC and Corps to act, pipeline tours,
and civil disobedience.

We need you to stand with us and send a message to the DRBC that not
only do we demand their protection from shale gas drilling and
fracking, but we demand their protection from the damage that fracked
gas infrastructure will bring without their attention.

The meeting begins at 12:15 and is currently planned for the DRBC
Offices at 25 State Police Drive, West Trenton, New Jersey.
And please sign up in advance to ensure your chance to speak by
There are those of us who are going to demand to be heard on this
critical issue and to overcome the efforts by the DRBC staff and
Commissioners to ignore public input.


Maya K. van Rossum
the Delaware Riverkeeper

Delaware Riverkeeper Network
925 Canal Street, Suite 3701, Bristol, PA 19007
215 369 1188 ext 102

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