"Don't Remain a Victim: You Can Avoid a Lifetime of Abuse" - Committee on the Status of Women.

Saturday, March 9, 2013 - 12:30pm - 2:00pm
UN, 777 First Avenue New York City, NY

The Human Lactation Center's panel discussion "Don't Remain a Victim: You Can Avoid a Lifetime of Abuse" will be presented at the United Nations - Committee on the Status of Women.

Women victimized as children are more vulnerable to revictimization throughout their lifetime. Studies reveal that women serving in the U.S. military who report sexual assault tend to have been sexually abused previously, and women helped in rape crisis centers often have been subject to domestic violence or childhood sexual abuse. Likewise, these child victims are vulnerable to a host of predators and are in danger of suffering a lifetime of abuse. This session discusses various kinds of systemic, institutionalized victimization. We describe how this occurs, an d how to identify and overcome patterns of harm.

Saturday March 9, 2013
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Church Center
Boss Room (8th Floor)
777 First Avenue New York City, NY [at SW corner of E.44th St.]

Speakers and their Topics:
Pamela Perskin Noblitt, co-author of Ritual Abuse and Torture in the 21st Century. Ms. Noblitt cannot be with us in March, but she is submitting a paper entitled, "Resources for Recovery," which will be presented by Jan Kraft.

Natsuko Utsumi, founder of the nonprofit, Cause Vision, will speak on "Prevention of revictimization through exposing human trafficking." The education of young girls is essential to prevent human tragedy. Ms. Utsumi will describe the comic educational booklet she designed and is distributing to young girls throughout the public school system in Mexico. She is also now working on vulnerable areas in Vietnam.

She will introduce Gabriela Nava Campos, a fellow graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government who works directly with victims of human trafficking. Ms. Campos will address revictimization in the context of human trafficking and suggest what she has found to be the „best practices‰ that other organizations can use in order to help victim survivors, such as understanding the reality of trafficking and how it can increase vulnerability to re-victimization. She will talk about her experiences in this area and offer suggestion to other agensies and organizations dealing with victims.

Judy Meikle, a Quaker and a facilitator of the Alternatives to Violence Project, will speak on "Prison Revictimization from an Abolitionist Perspective." When people become the victim of a crime, American society primarily responds through the criminal justice system. This system is biased and punishing and as we know occurs with greater impact on persons in low income communites and people of color. Within this system, there is very little successful rehabilitation. The Alternatives to Violence Project holds workshops inside maximum security prisons. Judy Melkle will discuss her experience of dealing with the criminal justice system and explain her aboli tionist perspective for reducing revictimization.

Vicki Polin is the founder and CEO of The Awareness Center, which is the international Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/assault, an organization dedicated to ending sex crimes in Jewish communities globally. She has worked as an advocacy for survivors of for decades and brings extensive knowledge of the impact of war atrocities on second generation family members, including the children of those who were Holocaust survivors and children of the Nazi jailors.

Dana Raphael, Director of The Human Lactation Center, Ltd., will speak on "The Urban Myths That Hurt Everyone." She postuates that the sixties and seventies were a time for Scapegoating, with lies and extraordinary tales. Ignoring history and good common sense, accusations were made against people throughout the country.

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