Press Conference: Cuomo's Minimum Wage Law Treats Tipped Employees as Second-Class

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 12:00pm
In front of Governor Cuomo's Office, 633 3rd Ave. (40 - 41 St.), Manhattan

JoAnn Lum (212) 358-0295

From: The Justice Will Be Served! Campaign
Sponsored by: Chinese Staff & Workers Association * National Mobilization Against Sweatshops * 318 Restaurant Workers Union

For Immediate Release:
April 1, 2013

Cuomo's Minimum Wage Law Treats Tipped Employees as Second-Class
Low-Wage Workers, Labor Groups, and Advocacy Organizations Demand Real Minimum Wage, Not Corporate Welfare

Low-wage workers, labor groups and advocacy organizations will hold a press conference Tuesday in front of Governor Cuomo's office to denounce his new minimum-wage law passed last Thursday. The law will enrich employers and corporations to the detriment of all working people. Instead of raising the minimum wage to an amount workers can live on, the law only raises the minimum wage to $9 per hour over a three year period - this amount is far less than historical minimum wages adjusted for inflation. The law also discriminates against tipped workers, excluding hundreds of thousands of tipped workers who are predominately women and people of color from an increase. For these workers, no increase in wages coupled with an increase in the cost of living means a pay cut. And, the law subsidizes corporations to hire young workers, encouraging employers to replace older workers with youth and to slash wages. Rather than giving a tax subsidy to corporations, Governor Cuomo should have ensured that the state dedicate more resources to the Department of Labor for enforcement of minimum wage and overtime laws. The Department of Labor desperately needs additional resources to protect low-wage workers from wage theft and to hold corporations accountable for labor-law violations.

Low-wage workers, labor and advocacy groups will call on Gov. Cuomo to take responsibility for passing this law that will actually bring down conditions for working people. They will demand that Cuomo right this wrong.

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