Action: Tell Nintendo Slavery Is Not a Game

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 8:00am - 9:00am
Rockefeller Plaza & W 48th St

Here are the details: NYC Nintendo Day of Action
When: Wednesday, June 26, 8:00-9:00am. OK, it’s early but it's for a good cause.
Where: Rockefeller Plaza & W 48th St
Who: You! Look for the Super Mario Brother hats. And, feel free to invite others.
Why: It’s time for Nintendo to ‘level up’ and take credible steps to ensure their products do not contain minerals mined by people in modern slavery. And, because together we can make a difference in the fight to end modern slavery.

Want to see what we’re doing next week and what 1,000 activists in 64 countries have planned this weekend? Walk Free activists in Melbourne, Australia tested the action out when filming the Day of Action instructional video. Take a peak. It’s cool.

-------- A bit more information - this is all part of our campaign calling on Nintendo to take credible steps to ensure slavery is not in its supply chain.

Right now in the Congo, men, women and children are being threatened with force – often at gunpoint –to work in Congolese mines where minerals for our electronics devices come from. While many big electronics companies have already taken steps to get rid of conflict minerals in their supply chain, Nintendo has yet to join the electronics industry audit program for conflict-free smelters nor has it required its suppliers to use only conflict-free smelters – the bare minimum requirement for taking action on conflict minerals.