The Virtue Ethics Defense of Animals: Reading and Discussion

Sunday, January 2, 2011 - 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Grand Central Terminal, Dining Concourse (lower level - table near Junior's) 42nd Street and Park Avenue New York, NY

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Ethics, Humans, and Other Animals
An Introduction with readings
by Rosalind Hursthouse

Including selections by Peter Singer, Tom Regan, Mary Midgely, Roger Scruton, Stephen Clark, Andrew Linzey, Bernard Rollin, & Richard Ryder
Sunday, Jan 2, 2011, 3PM-7PM :
Chapter #6 : "The Virtue Ethics Defence of Animals" (Pages 158-166)

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Rosalind Hursthouse carefully introduces one of three standard approaches in current ethical theory: utilitarianism, rights, and virtue ethics. She then proceeds to clearly explain how each approach encourages us to think about our treatment of animals. Every chapter is linked to a reading from a key exponent of each approach.

'Clear, insightful look at all sides of the argument about our treatment of animals.'
- Sunday Times

'Anyone who seriously worked through this book would become a very careful and critical thinker.'
- Nathan Nobis, Ph.D, Department of Philosophy & Religion, Moorehouse College

Reading the text in advance is strongly encouraged, but feel free to come even if you can't do the reading – we will do a critical reread at each meeting.

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