An Evening with Kali. Z. Fasteau

Saturday, July 20, 2013 - 8:00pm
The Brecht Forumn 451 West Streetn New York, NY 10014n United Statesn

July 20th, 2013 8:00 PM
Neues Kabarett
An Evening with Kali. Z. Fasteau

Neues Kabarett is proud to present multi-instrumentist, composer, producer, and theorist/musicologist, Kali. Z. Fasteau in an evening of her new music, a world premiere. She will perform on piano, voice, drum set, nai flutes and mizmar, and will be joined by multi-instumentist L. Mixashawn Rozie.

From a deeply musical and 'free-thinking’ family in New York and Paris, Kali. Z. participated in the 1960s Black Liberation and Feminist movements through action, and especially through her music. After studying various musics of the world in grad school, and already immersed in euro/classical, blues, soul, and 'free/avant-garde jazz', she applied Taoism to music composition. Her theory of the dynamic juxtaposition of yin and yang qualities of sound offers a universal template for spontaneous composition.

L. Mixashawn Rozie is of Indigenous, African, Cornish and Mongolian descent, growing up on the Qwannitucket (Connecticut) River, immersed in Indigenous understanding and teachings. He co-founded the original “Afro Algonquin” organization, developing an educational system called “Hemispheric Principles” that embraces an indigenous perspective of the arts and sciences, presented nationwide to teachers and students of all ages from kindergarten to Harvard.

Admission: $15 door, $10 advanced online & seniors. The first 25 attendees will be awarded a free CD!