FAUN Anti-Vivisection Gateway To Hell demo @ Air France & KLM Executive Offices in NYC

Friday, August 2, 2013 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Air France Executive Offices, 125 West 55th St, NYC


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*FAUN Anti-Vivisection primate-trade demo at Air France/KLM Offices in NYC*
Friday, August 2, 2013 fr/ 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Air France 125 West 55th Street, New York, NY

Transit to Air France Executive Offices, 125 West 55th St btw. 6th & 7th Aves.: F (not M) train to 57 St. (exit to 6th Av. nr. 56th); N, Q, R to 57 St.-7 Av.; B, D, E to 7 Av. (on 53rd); M to 5 Av. (at 53rd); #1 to 50 St. (at Broadway); A, C to 59 St.-Columbus Cir.;M57 & M31 buses both via 57th St.; buses via 6th Av. or 7th Av. or Central Pk So.; M50 via 49th & 50th St.;
map: < http://goo.gl/maps/v03Kn>; buses:

Friends Of Animals United NJ/NY (FAUN) (732) 693-9044 www.faunnj.org
**JOIN FAUN and affiliated activists as we again enlighten the public and expose the abusers and their accomplices with another demonstration @ Air France/KLM's Executive Offices in New York City on Friday, August 2, 2013. **

This demo is part of a focused, target-specific, ongoing campaign to expose the HORRORS implicit to the international primate air-trafficking mafia which sequesters thousands of terrified macaques and other monkeys from their native jungles in the island of Mauritius off the coast of Madagascar, and dooms them to maddening/lethal confinement on breeding farms, most often followed by torture and death in hellish laboratories of vivisection in Europe and across the globe.

*Video Background*:


*Details Of Friday's Demonstration* We'll again set ourselves up at the Corporate Offices of Air France, the largest and most visible culprit in the disgusting International primate air-trafficking mafia, chiefly responsible for the transportation of monkeys from their timeless habitats in Mauritius to horrible dungeons of vivisection torture across the globe. Aided by our powerful video, a plethora of inflammatory signs/leaflets exposing the shameful, murderous atrocities Air France execs audaciously, perversely JUSTIFY in the name of "biomedical research", we'll achieve our objective of pressure-cooking and exposing these grubby, money-hungry cretins for the heartless evildoers that they are, and enlighten EVERYONE within earshot/across media to dump Air France/KLM until they get and STOP delivering innocent primates into the perverted clutches of sick, demented vivisectors.

We'll be visibly and audibly amplifying Air France/KLM's lucrative, dirty Mauritian secrets to the populace of New York City and to the world! We'll use our repertoire of anti-vivisection signs, literature and props to ensure that NOBODY walks away without a clear understanding of who the players are in this disgusting, shadowy airborne blood trade, who to point fingers at and what companies to abandon until they suspend their repugnant participation in the ongoing crime against nature that is the International Mauritian Primate Murder Mafia.


WHAT: FAUN Anti-Vivisection Gateway To Hell demo @ Air France & KLM Executive Offices in NYC

WHEN: Friday, August 2, 2013

WHERE: Air France Executive Offices, 125 West 55th St, NYC

TIME: 2 ~ 5pm


Please join us for this important symbolic show of solidarity on the part of the NY/NJ animal rights collective, with our brothers and sisters working so diligently on the AirSouffrance campaign across Europe, Israel and elsewhere. These animals have no voices; OURS are the human voices who must speak up for them and fight for the rights which our species should have granted them millennia ago. If there are any questions about these demonstrations or anything else on the FAUN calendar, please email [masked]

There is No Justice, there is JUST US, let us NEVER be found guilty of doing less than our utmost for the millions of innocents abused, made to suffer and tortured to death for human sickness, vanity and greed!



***Actions to Take***

1) Write an email to any / all of the key executives @ Air France and/or KLM Dutch Airlines, letting them know, either via an adapted standard letter from the following link or directly from your heart, how horrified and disgusted you are that they are complicit in the hideous, nightmarish international trade in "lab monkeys." Let them know that there is NO SUCH THING as a "lab monkey"; that primates exist for their own purposes and should be allowed to live according to their, not for human-centered moneymaking schemes. Let them know that you WILL NOT fly with them and will encourage everyone you know to boycott them until they stop diddling their fingers in blood, until they visibly cut their ties with the Mengeles running the concentration camps where thousands of our closest cousins are tortured and killed every year for shamelessly fraudulent "science."


2) JOIN US at the above protests and subsequent Air France-KLM Airlines protests that we'll be filling into our calendar across the summer. OR stage a protest of your own; we are not superheroes or magical beings, just everyday working people who care. If you care enough and want to set up leafleting/tabling events at KLM-Air France or other strategic locations, contact a FAUN organizer and we'll be happy to provide materials, help you get started and guide you along.

3) Discuss the horrible Air France-KLM primate trade with everyone you know, family, friends, co-workers, media personnel, animal lovers and people of character everywhere. We CAN and MUST get this disgusting inversion of nature put to a stop!!!!

***More Background on the Insidious Air France-KLM Primate Mafia****

Each year 10,000 primates are exported from Mauritius to laboratories in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain and a number of other EU countries. The infamous trade in monkeys on the island has been exposed a number of times, with the most recent investigation revealing workers breaking animals' limbs, dragging them by their tails, openly taunting them and more sickening acts whilst ripping them from the wild for use in breeding farms.

For over two years now, the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) and affiliated activists have been disrupting the primate trade across the world, stopping six airlines transport animals for experimental laboratories. Air France-KLM is currently weak, with share prices down, workers striking in their key subsidiaries and record losses in their millions. The French government has also reduced their stake hold by over half.

NAVA Spokesperson, Adam Finley, stated:

¬ďAir France-KLM will not be an easy battle to win, but win we shall. The airline is currently suffering from financial issues and now they have activists to deal with. Cruelty has been documented towards the primates in Mauritius and many are ripped from their families and the jungles. When we stop Air France-KLM, we break the spine of the primate trade and stop the Mauritian expansion in this archaic industry."