FAst Food workers STRIKE August 29!

Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 7:00am
NYC and all over the US

Low PAy is Not OK 347 974 3944

Al over the US (and maybe some Canadians too) Fast Food Workers will be going on strike Thurs Aug 29. If you work in fast food -join. Tell your coworkers. Get your family,neighbors, friends, church group, community groups etc to support you and your coworkers. If you don't work there support all picket lines . Do not cross a picket line. Plan ahead of time to support the strikers. Make a donation if there is a strike fund collection in your area. Carry some water or beverage to give if it's hot and sunny. Bring an extra umbrella if it's rainy.

We working class folks need to help each other especially when some of us are trying to stand up and defend ourselves from the super profitable super explotive bosses. Solidarity Now!

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