Emergency Demonstration: Stop US war in Syria

Saturday, August 31, 2013 - 12:00pm
US Military Recruitment Center , Times Square, 43 ST

Tom , Brooklyn For Peace Anti Militarism Committee 718 768 6171

Meet us at Times Square at noon on the 31st to oppose the looming illegal and unconstitutional war with Syria!

We are non-violently protesting the escalation of US military involvement in Syria, as well as the complete disregard of the will of the American people in the decision to begin a new war. We in no way support the actions of the Assad regime, but are concerned that US intervention will instigate more violence, killing and suffering.

We suggest you bring banners and/or props (even food), and invite anyone and everyone you know! Organize activities beforehand on this page, or we can just wing it when we get there. This is an event for people of all political views and beliefs, just as long as you are opposed to another unnecessary war in the Middle-East!

We are all guaranteed our right to protest freely, nevertheless, we will be operating under the guidelines that we do NOT interfere with pedestrians or cars (Times Square can be a busy place) and we will not be using sound amplifiers. SPREAD THE WORD!

This is endorsed by NY Peace Action, Brooklyn For Peace,Global No War With Syria, the War Resisters League, and many other organizations,

Meanwhile there will be similar demonstrations in over 50 US cities. over 8 major cities in Canada ,and large protest marches in London, Cairo, Warsaw, Manila, Auckland, New Delhi, Lahore ( Pakistan) Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia) , Muscat (Oman), Athens, Rome, Hamburg, Dublin, Manchester, Bristol, Aberdeen, Glasgow and other cities.

In Syria protests against the US bombing and /or invasion will be held by large numbers of people with all types of views on the current problems.

In Rochester, NY the protest will be Sunday 12-1 at East Ave. & Goodman Street.