Henry Wiencek on "Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves" - Evening to Save Revolution Books

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 7:00pm - 9:15pm
Revolution Books, 146 W. 26th Street

212-691-3345, revbooksnyc@yahoo.com

"In his deeply provocative and crisply written journey into the dark heart of slavery at Monticello, Wiencek brings into focus a side of [Thomas] Jefferson that Americans have largely failed -- or not cared -- to see. [Master of the Mountain] will change forever the way that we think about the author of the Declaration of Independence."
--Fergus M. Bordewich, The Wall Street Journal

HENRY WIENCEK will be the third speaker in Revolution Books' benefit author series, "Hidden Lives, Human Possibilities: Authors Present to Save Revolution Books." These are intimate evenings of readings and conversation at the bookstore with beloved authors.

The series is part of the battle for Revolution Books. The store's lease has expired, we're staying open at 26th Street month-to-month; $30,000 in donations needed by September 30 to keep this not-for-profit revolutionary bookstore open in Manhattan.
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Limited seating. Get your tickets now.
Tickets: http://www.revolutionbooksnyc.org/authorseries.htm Or contact bookstore 212-691-3345, revbooksnyc@yahoo.com

1. General admission:$35
2. Benefit dinner ticket @5:30 before program, dinner with Henry and Raymond Lotta at great restaurant 1 block from RB. (meal included)
3. Benefit premium ticket (with book signed by author): $100
4. We have a limited number $15 tickets for youth and unemployed. Call 212-691-3345.

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At a moment when the people and the planet are in peril, as the US threatens a direct military attack on Syria, as the American system again declares open season on Black youth, as the heating of the earth approaches the tipping point... people need a place where the possibility of real revolution is engaged, where you can find the books and engagement about why the world is the way it is and the possibility of a radically different way the world could be. At Revolution Books, there's the intellectual work, ferment, and dissent that's integral to the emancipation of humanity. And here you can dig into the work of Bob Avakian who has developed a new synthesis of communism-- a viable vision for a new society and world. We cannot lose this bookstore.

"You can buy your books elsewhere for less. You can donate to organizations that offer charity to meet basic needs of some of those brutalized and abandoned by this system, but there is no place else, no other bookstore, no other culture center, that is a center of a movement for revolution that could make all the difference in the world. I urge you to sing its praises and fund it so that the songs of emancipation of all of humanity can reverberate out from here, and a radically new future can soar."
-- Andy Zee, spokesperson, Revolution Books

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September 10 will celebrate the paperback release of historian Henry Wiencek's book which created such a furor last year.

WIENCEK : "The very existence of slavery in the era of the American Revolution presents a paradox, and we have largely been content to leave it at that, since a paradox can offer a comforting state of moral suspended animation. Jefferson animates the paradox. And by looking closely at Monticello, we can see the process by which he rationalized an abomination to the point where an absolute moral reversal was reached and he made slavery fit into America's national enterprise." [emphasis ours] -- "The Dark Side of Jefferson," Smithsonian Magazine

REVOLUTION newspaper on the controversy among some Jefferson scholars over Wiencek's book:
"Is the problem that a respected historian and author has pieced together the evidence that demonstrates how one of the most revered figures in U.S. history was a calculating, callous, and brutally vicious slave owner, not the man of dispassionate wisdom and reason, the philosopher of liberty and freedom and the rights of the individual he is always portrayed to be? Or is the problem that for 200 years this truth has been covered up, glossed over, footnoted, excused, and justified? Is the problem that generations of schoolchildren have been taught of the 'greatness' of Jefferson and his fellow 'founders,' but nothing of the bloody reality of the oppression and enslavement they feasted upon?"

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September 19: Author EVE ENSLER will be next author in "Hidden Lives, Human Possibilities" series.

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