Emancipatory Aesthetics & Hip Hop Culture

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm
The Brecht Forum @ The Commonsn 388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

October 2nd, 2013 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Emancipatory Aesthetics & Hip Hop Culture
Shahid Stover

An Emancipatory Aesthetics is unapologetically concerned with Art, Music, Film, Theatre, Poetry and Literature, only in so far as these various forms of media sustain, question, inform or contribute towards a dynamic project of human liberation.
How might perspectives drawn from a focus on Emancipatory Aesthetics enhance our appreciation of Hip Hop as both artistic transcendence and cultural resistance within the context of confronting Empire? What is the relationship between Hip Hop aesthetics and Black cultural resistance to oppression? Does Hip Hop still have any revolutionary potential? Has it ever? What does it mean when Hip Hop eMCees function as the critical conscience of a socially oppressed and racially marginalized community?
This 5 week seminar will consist of philosophical interrogations of several key socio-cultural events in Hip Hop culture as situated within the context of advanced neo-liberal capitalist globalization; with a deliberate emphasis on providing a vital theoretical framework from which to engage in the development and appreciation of aesthetics which speak to existential potentialities of human ‘being’ and human liberation.
Week 1 – Intro to Emancipatory Aesthetics & Hip Hop culture
Week 2 – Canibus vs. LL Cool J & the Culture Industry
Week 3 – Nas vs. Jay-Z & the Tragedy of 9/11
Week 4 – Kanye West & the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Week 5 – Outro to Emancipatory Aesthetics & Hip Hop culture

A. Shahid Stover is a writer/philosopher/social critic and editor-in-chief of The Brotherwise Dispatch (brotherwise.com) whose first book, Hip Hop Intellectual Resistance, focuses on Hip Hop aesthetics as Black cultural resistance to western imperialist oppression and racist dehumanization.

Sliding scale: $55 - $75
Free for Brecht Forum subscribers