Hell's Kitchen and the Battle for Urban Space Book Launch (Monthly Review Press)

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
The New School for Social Research, Room 529, 80 Fifth Avenue (5th Ave. and 14th St.)

Join author Joseph Varga and Monthly Review Press for a book launch celebrating Hell’s Kitchen and the Battle for Urban Space: Class Struggle and Progressive Reform in New York City, 1894-1914

co-sponsored by the Historical Studies Department of the New School for Social Research

free and open to the public

“Henri Lefebvre never ventured into the bowels of Hell’s Kitchen, into its dumbbell and railroad tenements, down its grubby back streets and dingy piers west of Tenth Avenue. But Joseph Varga vividly brings him to life in fin-de-siècle Middle West Side Manhattan, dialoging with Progressive Era do-gooders and reactionary reformers, as well as rip off landlords and ordinary poor folk fresh off the boat. Hell’s Kitchen and the Battle for Urban Space is a sensitive study of the forces that make and break American blue-collar communities; and like the best spatial history it sheds light on an urban predicament that’s still unfolding.”
—Andy Merrifield, author, Magical Marxism: Subversive Politics and the Imagination, Henri Lefebvre: A Critical Introduction, and Dialectical Urbanism

“A fascinating history of an important historic neighborhood and a provocative analysis of the ways in which interest groups vie for control of urban geography. Varga’s book provides both forgotten facts and intriguing insights, helping readers understand why the neighborhood was once so important and what its cycles of transformation tell us about the future of urban America.”—Tyler Anbinder, author, Five Points; Professor of History, George Washington University