S17: March to Washington Square Park: No TPP! Money out of Politics! Global Solidarity!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
March from Zuccotti Park to Washington Square Park

Occupy Wall Street - Phone: (347) 676-0717 Email: info @ occupys17.info

Take to the streets to expose the 1%'s stealth attack on democracy and our rights! The Corporations and the super-rich already have a stranglehold on our political system through the legal bribery of campaign finance. But now they want to eliminate the last shred of democracy our system allows us - with TPP and Fast Track!

Negotiated in secret by the US, Japan, Vietnam and 12 other countries, TPP will subvert democracy by creating a system of international tribunals outside the jurisdiction of our court system where corporations can challenge current and future banking regulations (among other things making a Robin hood Tax illegal) and attack our environmental (including fracking bans), health, and food safety rules. They can also use these tribunals to undermine access to essential services and lifesaving medicines by claiming that our laws violate their "investor rights." TPP will lower food safety standards, replace family farms with factory farms and force countries to enforce genetically modified foods. Described as the “Son of SOPA”, TPP will attack our internet freedom and privacy.

Knowing that the 99% would never stand for it, TPP has been negotiated with an unprecedented level of secrecy. Close to 600 official corporate advisers - including Wal-Mart, Halliburton, Chevron, Cargill, and the US Chamber of Commerce - have full access to the negotiating texts of the agreement, but the 99% locked out. These corporations have bought their way into our political system and are now shaping public policy.

Once the secret negotiations conclude, President Obama wants to ramrod TPP through Congress using a procedure called Fast Track -which allows him to negotiate and sign TPP before Congress votes on it - and allows the President to force Congress to vote on it within 90 days, with limited debate, and with no power to amend a single word of the already negotiated agreement. This procedure undermines Constitutional separation of powers, which puts Congress, not the President in charge of international agreements.

But President Obama knows that if the public is given time to read the agreement and then demands changes to its most egregious public interest provisions, he'll never get it through Congress!

President Obama can only send TPP to Congress under Fast Track if Congress VOTES to give him this authority - and a vote on Fast Track is expected to take place in the next few weeks!

The 99% throughout the TPP nations are rising up to resist this corporate power grab. In New Zealand, people are resisting TPP's attack on their GMO food ban. In Japan, people are fighting TPP's attack on local agriculture. In Peru and Malaysia, activists are mobilizing against TPP's attack on access to lifesaving medicines. In Canada, people are protesting TPP's attack on essential services.

The US 99% must rise up in solidarity!

NO to TPP! No to Fast Track!
NO to Corporate Money in Politics!


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