Saturday, October 19, 2013 - 5:00pm - 9:00pm
837 Second Ave. (at East 45th St.)


On Saturday, October 19 from 5-9 pm, we will stand in solidarity with folks in Denver protesting the criminalization of homeless people.

Here's what's going on:

The Denver managers of The Palm, a high-end steakhouse chain headquartered in NYC, have been vocally supporting the Urban Camping Ban, a local ordinance that criminalizes homeless people. Among other things, this Ban promotes police harassment of people trying to shield themselves from the elements. Even covering themselves with a blanket while they sleep is illegal.

We will urge the Palm managers to reverse their support of the Urban Camping Ban.

We have seen the devastating effects of 20 years of "quality of life" policing here in NYC that makes all acts of survival by the publicly poor suspect. We know that criminalization fails to address the root causes of homelessness - poverty and a lack of affordable housing.

Just as we fight locally for the dignity and human rights of homeless people, we support the efforts of activists everywhere to do the same. Let's help Denver preempt the intolerable conditions that our city's homeless folks now struggle against.

Join us outside the Palm's flagship location at 837 Second Ave from 5-9 pm, Saturday, October 19? In Denver, NYC, DC, Virginia, Chicago, Mexico City, and London, England, we will send a message that people across the US are watching.

Nothing says 'Think strongly about your actions' to businesses like seeing their bottom line affected.

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