Creating Space for Difficult Conversations at the Brecht Forum

Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 7:30pm
Brecht Forum @ The Commons, 388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

January 30th, 2014 7:30 PM
Creating Space for Difficult Conversations at the Brecht Forum
Mara Komoska and Reg Flowers

At the October 23rd event "What Do We mean When We Say Privilege, Ally, and Comrade" the Brecht Forum failed to live up to its mission of providing education for movement building within a transformative cultural process when a male discussant behaved towards a female discussant in ways that were inexcusable. Many who witnessed his behavior felt unsafe. The Brecht Forum is committed to creating space in which people can feel safe and participate in difficult conversations. To fulfill this commitment, the goal of this follow-up to October 23rd event is to collectively develop a process for engaging in difficult conversations that enables people to feel safe. To achieve this larger goal we will create space for people to share their reflections on the October 23rd event, their reflections on the response of the Brecht Forum's board to the October 23rd event, and participate in collectively developing a larger process for conversations.
The conversation will be facilitated by Mara Komoska and Reg Flowers.

Mara Komoska is a Brooklyn based adult educator with strong roots in Freirean-based popular education. She is an experienced AVP (Alternatives to Violence Project) facilitator who has facilitated conflict resolution workshops in and outside of U.S. prisons. Mara is also a somatics-based practitioner with experience facilitating workshops in trauma resilience.

Reg Flowers has been a theater professional since and teaching artists since 1987 and in 2005 received the BAX10 Award for Arts Education. Since 2009 Reg has been a Theater of the Oppressed practitioner, working in collaboration with theater of the Oppressed Laboratory, Theater of the Oppressed New York, Julian Boal and other TO practitioners from around the world. Aside from his creative work as an artists and co-learning facilitator, Reg is a community activist and organizer, who brings his skills as an organizer to support groups in Red Hook. He trained with the Navaho Nation as a Peacemaker for restorative justice at the Red Hook Community Justice Center. Since 2012 Reg has collaborated with The Boggs Center for Nurturing Community Leadership, Church of the Messiah, Feedom Freedom Growers,The Field Street Block Association and other local organizers and residents to develop a center for cultural organizing on the East Side of Detroit. He is part of the national planning committee for Detroit 2014. Reg Flowers is a graduate of University of the Arts where he received his BFA and also holds an MFA from Yale School of Drama. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with his husband, Chris Hammett.

This is a Free Event