Labor history film, The Inheritance

Friday, May 14, 2010 - 5:15pm
United Federation of Teachers 52 Broadway btw Beaver St. & Exchange Pl. nr. Wall St. – Sixth Floor

From: caroltheartist Subject: May 14 : Free Film Screening : The Inheritance : covers the history of workers & unions in the US from 1900 to 1960s

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>> Arieh Lebowitz, Associate Director, Jewish Labor Committee


New York Labor History Association
and the
Association of the Teachers of Social Studies, United Federation of Teachers

Present the award-winning film

With discussion by

George Altomare, Vice-President of the New York Labor History Association and long-time leader in the United Federation of Teachers
Irwin Yellowitz, President of the New York Labor History Association and labor historian, City College, CUNY

WHEN: Friday, May 14, 2010 5:15 until 8:00 p.m.
WHERE: United Federation of Teachers
52 Broadway – Sixth Floor
New York City
FREE ADMISSION: Refreshments, film and discussion.

This documentary was made for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers (ACWA) as part of their 50th anniversary celebration. The movie covers the history of workers and unions in the United States from 1900 to the 1960s with emphasis on the Amalgamated Clothing Workers. The union was formed in the early 1900s by immigrant workers of diverse heritages – among them Jews, Italians, Eastern Europeans and others from many lands.

The Inheritance, directed by Harold Mayer, documents their early efforts to form a union, the events of the Depression and the New Deal, World War II, and ends with the 1963 civil rights march on Washington, linking the struggles of the union with those of the civil rights movement.

Harold Mayer explores a landscape largely unknown to the present generation --- the dim sweatshops, coal mines and textile mills filled with children; the anxious years of the depression and labor’s bloody struggle for the right to organize; the battlefields of WW I and II; seldom seen newsreel footage of the Memorial Day massacre at The Republic Steel strike in Chicago; the civil rights struggle --- the recurring fight of every generation to preserve and extend its freedoms. This is the theme of The Inheritance.

Robert Ryan narrates, and singers include Pete Seeger and Judy Collins. Y.A. "Yip" Harburg wrote some of the original music.

This black & white movie won honors for its unique integration of image and music, for its creative use of still photographs and moving picture clips, for its memorable narration, and for its ability to present the experience of immigrant workers within the larger context of American history. This is a movie you will remember. Even if you have seen it, join us and enjoy it again.

Join us to see The Inheritance. *

* If you cannot attend this showing, the movie is still available.
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