Saturday, June 25, 2011 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm
UGG Australia Flagship Store, 160 Columbus Ave. btw. W.67th & W.68th Streets: C or A Local to 72 St. (at CPW); #1 to 65 St.-Lincoln Ctr. (at Broadway); A Express or D or #1 train to 59 St.-Columbus Cir.; #2, 3 to 72 St. (at Broadway); M66 crosstown bus via E. 67th, W. 66th & W. 65th Streets; M72 bus; bus map:

FAUN NY (646) 465-3936 (or see below)

FAUN "Don't Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes" demo @ UGG's Aust. Flag Store in NYC

Anyone who has ever befriended a lamb knows that sheep are gentle, passive creatures who, like all sentient animals, can and do experience pain, fear, sadness, the full range of sensations and emotions that we humans experience. Because there is a highly lucrative global market for their fleece and skins, these gentle animals are treated as nothing more than wool and skin machines, in an international trade that is ruthless and stained with oceans of blood.

Since mulesers are most often paid by volume, not by the hour, production equals profit in this horrible blood trade. As a result, mulesing is done with no regard for the interests or well-being of the animals, which are simply objectified vehicles of profit for UGGs and other heartless corporations who sell wool-based products.

Sheep who survive the relentless, systematic abuses and exploitation of Australian farms, and stop producing viable wool (are no longer profitable) are not granted an idyllic pasture to rest under the sun as their bones grow weary and their days grow short. Predictably, most are sold and shipped to the Middle East under the most horrible, crowded conditions imaginable. As if years of confinement and torture in Australia weren’t enough, sheep who survive the nightmarish, multi-week journey to the Middle East disembark in countries where animal welfare standards simply do not exist. They are dragged off the ships by their ears and legs, loaded onto trucks which await them in the sweltering heat, to wholly unregulated slaughterhouses, where they are brutally killed to be sold as meat in Middle-Eastern markets.

Most of the wool that is sold on the commercial market, and used in everything from
UGGs boots to blankets, to carpeting, is the direct result of such horrible exploitation. Ethical consumers have a choice, and a responsibility to abandon wool and other products which are the result of wanton cruelty and the systemic torture of innocent beings. This medieval, barbaric practice has to stop. There are plenty of durable, stylish, and warm fabrics available that aren't made from wool or animal skins. Please join FAUN as we gather in front of the largest UGG's retailer in New York City, to engage the public on the issue of the wholesale exploitation of an entire species of animal for a frivolous trend in apparel which is the ludicrous UGGs Craze.

WHAT: FAUN "Don't Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes!" demonstration in NYC

WHERE: UGG's Australian Flagship Store, 160 Columbus Avenue, NYC

WHEN: Saturday, June 25th, 2o11

TIME: 1:00 ~ 5:00pm

This WILL NOT be a militant demo of chanting and marching (though we are in favor of both chanting and marching under the right circumstances; a fur demo, for example, where most consumers are quite aware of the suffering involved in their choice of apparel). Wool production is done quite clandestinely, and the industry goes to great lengths to keep their dirty secrets secret. It is therefore an issue that many UGGs purchasers never think about - our objective here is tabling/outreach; to educate people, to appeal to their intellects and hearts - not put them on the defensive, call them ignorant, make enemies out of them by default. Please keep this in mind if you are planning to come and help us.

As always, FAUN will have plenty of relevant signs, literature (a FAUN anti-wool brochure) , a widescreen video and an array of relevant props including some plush "sheep" & 2 pairs of Australian mulesing shears. All you need to bring is yourself and your desire to speak up for these precious beings, at a highly visible UGG's retail outlet which brings in millions each year from their exploitation/torture invariably ending in a grisly slaughter.

If there are any questions regarding any aspect of this (or other) demos on the NY side of the Hudson River, please contact either FAUN NY campaigns coordinator:

Robert @ 646-465-3936

Jim @ 917-693-9601

or send an email to:

Blessed Be all animals, and all friends of animals....

Anthony Botti