Precarious & Service Workers Assembly

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 7:30pm
360 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY

Precarious & Service Workers Assembly! March 28th @ 7:30pm

Wednesday, March 28th @7:30pm
360 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY
F, G to Carroll Street

Tired of being treated like a servant by your customers? Tired of
management demanding more and more for less and less? Feeling alone or
frustrated? Come to the first Precarious and Service Worker Assembly to
network with others who share your interests!

As service workers, we are often both overworked and underpaid; with
Management forcing workers to work ever faster in an ever shorter amount
of time. Productivity and speed-of-service requirements increase while
hours per week are slashed. It’s clear: The harder we work, the less we
get paid, and the richer they get!

Many of us are already in tough situations as parents, immigrants, young
people, and students. Racism is blatantly apparent at many of our
workplaces, with Latino and immigrant workers confined to back-of-house
positions, maintaining a racial hierarchy to keep us separated. For
some, a job at a restaurant or a cafe is a 2nd or even 3rd job, a result
of the declining wages for other careers. Even worse, we often find
ourselves forced into student loan and credit card debt because of low
pay. All the while, rent, food, and transportation costs climb through
the roof.

Solidarity and support among local service workers can be empowering for
all of us. Remember, they can’t run these places without us. Bosses
thrive by pitting us against one another, but if not for us, Management
wouldn’t make a dime. So let’s take what’s ours!

Bring some goods to share from your place of employment if you’d like,
and feel free to bring a friend or two –as long as they’re not the boss!
We’ll be discussing how we can make our collective situation much more
interesting and how we can engage together in upcoming actions like the
May Day General Strike.