About NY Activist Calendar

The NY Activist Calendar is a grassroots effort to provide New York’s progressive community with a central, open space where activist groups can post their events and individuals can go to find out what’s going on.

The project goes back to 1995, when a local coalition, the Campaign for Real, Equitable Economic Development (CREED), began producing a small hard-copy and email calendar. In 2004 this expanded to become the NY Activist Calendar and was distributed through a list serve, reaching 1,400 subscribers by 2010. On May 1, 2010, the volunteers who produced the calendar launched the current web-based version, with the help of the NY Protest list serve (https://lists.riseup.net/www/arc/nyprotest) and the May First/People Link collective (http://mayfirst.org/).

We welcome listings for all events with a progressive orientation in the New York metropolitan area. For help posting events, use the contact form at the bottom of each page, or write to us at editor@nycalmail.org.

The calendar is entirely produced by volunteer labor. Write us if you want to help, or if you belong to a group that would like to work more closely with us. We’re especially interested in finding ways to improve the graphics, to add new features, to make the calendar more accessible to people who speak languages other than English, and to enable groups to list their events automatically through RSS feeds. Please see our software page if you would like to learn more about the software in use.

If you find the calendar useful, please consider helping out by making a donation. You should make your check payable to our sponsor, "Nicaragua Solidarity Network" (not NY Activist Calendar) and mail it to PO Box 20587, Tompkins Station, New York, NY 10009.