From Tlaxcala, Mexico: Sueños Perdidos (Lost Dreams) & Veneno de mi Suegra (The Poison of my Mother in Law) (CANCELLED)

Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 4:00pm
The Brecht Forumn 451 West Streetn New York, NY 10014n United Statesn

"Cancelled due to the storm"

November 3rd, 2012 4:00 PM
Co-sponsor: The Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory
From Tlaxcala, Mexico
Sueños Perdidos (Lost Dreams) & Veneno de mi Suegra (The Poison of my Mother in Law)
Presented by the Women of Teatro Foro Mexico

The members of Teatro Foro Mexico are not professional actors; rather they are women with a story to tell. They are all from the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico, a region with a high incidence of migration. The performers are also members of the Mexican organization Migrant Family Support Center (CAFAMI). The Center was designed together with community leaders as a model for local development and advocacy in communities with high rates of migration. At CAFAMI, women, children, wives and daughters of migrant workers in the United States participate in and direct programs of community radio, video production, economic development, advocacy, legal services, and Theater of the Oppressed training. The organization has been working with the community for over ten years. They have over 500 members, living in both Mexico and the United States.

The performers use Forum Theater, a technique which is part of the repertory of The Theater of the Oppressed, as a tool to raise awareness and give voice and illustration to the conditions of oppression that women experience in Mexico, either as wives of abusive husbands, wives of migrants in the United States, or migrants themselves. In addition, the opportunity to dialogue with the audience during the Forum engages communities to collectively look for solutions to the problems being presented. This Forum Theater experience from Mexico shows a unique and authentic perspective on the causes and effects of migration to the United States, a perspective that can be seen and heard in than during these the performances; Sueños Perdidos and El Veneno de mi Suegra.

4:00 pm—Sueños Perdidos (Lost Dreams):

Sueños Perdidos/Lost Dreams takes place in modern-day Mexico in a small rural village where traditional gender roles and family relationships remain dominant. The story describes a young woman who hesitantly enters into marriage and realizes her dream of a loving and compassionate husband will remain only a dream. This story is inspired by the collective experiences of oppression against women in the community San Francisco Tetlanohcan.

6:00 pm—Veneno de mi Suegra (The Poison of my Mother in Law):

This is a story of the complicated ways that migration oppresses women left behind in Mexico through negative stereotypes and power struggles. A young wife lives with her in-laws in Mexico while her husband looks for work in the United States. The play asks us to reflect on the various ways in which traditional gender roles within families, combined with migration, perpetuates oppression against women and leaves them vulnerable within their communities.

These plays are produced by Families Without Borders, a bi-national model for organizing with immigrant and migrant communities that works to create relationships, build community, and raise awareness about the unprotected rights of migrant workers and their families in both the United States and in Latin America.

Both plays will be presented in Spanish, with projected English supertitles.