Tips on Listing Your Events

Here are some tips on how you can list your own events. If you’re used to computer entry, you’ll probably figure this out pretty quickly. If you’re new to computer entry, feel free to ask us for help at

NOTE: Due to spam attacks,we have temporarily restricted anonymous entries. For now, you *must* create an account and sign in to enter an event.

1. The first thing you’ll want to do is log in at the box on the left of the calendar. You don’t have to, but if you set up an account with the calendar, you’ll be able to go back in and update your own event listings if you need to, and it will be easier for the calendar editors to contact you if we have questions.

2. Next, get a text version of your event announcement and copy it. (If you don’t have one, you could type the information directly into the calendar.) Now go to the calendar and click on "add an event."

3. Paste your whole event announcement into the box marked “description.”

4. Copy the title from the event description and paste it in the box marked “title.” The event title can be as long as you want it, but the first few words are the crucial ones for people looking at the events.

5. Go to the date-time boxes.

Click on the date and a calendar will appear; select the month and date you want and click on it.

Then click on the hour in the time box and type in the hour. Next, click on the minutes field or cursor to it. The minutes go up by quarter hours, so you can just type “0” if the event’s on the hour, "1" (for 15) if it’s on the quarter hour, "3" (for 30) for the half hour, and "4" (for 45) for the three quarters hour. If you need to change AM or PM, just click on or cursor to that field, and type "a" or "p" (one letter’s enough).

(You don't have to put in an end time unless you think it's important. The end time is most useful when there's something like a conference running from 6 pm Wednesday through 5 pm Thursday; in that case you could put in 5 pm Thursday as the end time, and the calendar would show it as an all day event on Thursday.)

(We have been told that for entering the date and time you might need to turn off your Javascript blocker if you use one.)

6. Copy the location from the event description and put it in the box marked “location.” (Don’t forget to give info like borough, cross streets and nearby subway stops.)

7. Copy the contact information from the event description and put it in the box marked “contact.” (Recommended: a name, phone number, email, and website.)

8. Check any “subject” boxes you think fit your event. These will help people search the calendar. (Later on we hope to use the subject to enable people to select the types of events they want to view—in effect, they’ll be able to view a calendar just on subjects like immigration or racial justice, or a combination of several.)

9. Add a tag or two if you want. You can just make something up, or skip it. Like the subjects, the tags will help people find your event.

10. Do the “CAPTCHA” math problem. (This helps keep out spam messages.)

11. Click “preview” if you want to see how the listing will look on the calendar. (A message in computerese will appear; please ignore it while our technical people try to figure out how to get rid of it.)

12. Click “save” when you’re sure you’re ready. You’ll have to wait a while for a volunteer editor to approve your listing--we need to do that to keep out spam (the type that gets around the CAPTCHA problem) and rightwing trolls. But a volunteer will be checking new listings every few hours, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

If you have a question, use the contact form at the bottom of the calendar, or write us at (And remember: if you set up and an account and log in, it will be easier for us to get back to you.)